Authentication solutions with sector-specific highlights

This is our presentation to you of our access protection solutions for selected sectors.

As is to be expected, some of applied identification technology is the same for all sectors: RFID card solutions for entry control systems, physical entry protection for buildings and rooms, cashless payments in the canteen, and time recording.

However, when it comes to authentication at the workplace there are fascinating differences between sectors. These are determined by the typical workflows as well as security and time requirements for a sector.

  • So, for example, for banks complex user authentication scenarios for cashier activities are of importance;
  • hospitals, on the other hand, require authorising and confirmation processes with rapid role changes between doctors and nursing staff in one and the same session and also rapid workplace changes.
  • In spaceflight control centres, authentication solutions of a completely different type are called for. In this case intelligent cross-platform authentication solutions are required which enable the operators on duty, with a single smart card, to log on at several workstations at the same time and in different roles and functions and then to control these functions.

There’s no doubt: these are exciting topics. You will find additional information under the sector-specific descriptions of the authentication solutions based on smart cards.