SEFIROT GmbH is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of IT security technology. At the same time you will find here a renowned IT security consulting practice.

Technology mastery is today more than ever the key to IT security for securing critical IT infrastructures and data. In this field SEFIROT GmbH plays its part as a manufacturer of excellent smart card based IT security products that are matched to each other.

  • Smart card logon product suite – powerful cross-platforms multi-factor authenticating solutions
  • Single Sign-on – SSO
  • Smart Card Life Cycle Management – SCLM – smart card administration system

We don’t only supply the product but we support our customs with the implementation and integration of the required IT security technology.

Our customers benefit in all phases of the execution of complex IT projects from our expertise as a manufacturer of IT security products. The project commences with a survey and appraisal of the initial situation, then devising the overall concept, the project management, implementation and finally monitoring the operation of the implemented system.

Furthermore our service covers support, software care and maintenance and also training.

In the case of complex structures, project implementations are not restricted to the installation and commissioning of the systems. For the secure operation of critical IT infrastructures implemented systems must adapt by changing operational processes, by renewing regularly hardware and software platforms, and by meeting the requirements resulting from new statutes and new external threats.
IT security products and systems muss keep up and be compatible with these changes, and be permanently aligned to new, changing requirements.
We keep abreast of these changes and, with our IT security products and systems, are always one step ahead of the competition. SEFIROT has been well known for many years for its systems analysis and implementation achievements, which are unique in the field of IT security.

In the case of infrastructures subject to change, it is a strength of SEFIROT to be able to intervene without delay and rapidly to make the necessary modifications, ensuring that in normal operations functionality is maintained and systems remain compatible even if adjustments, amendments and extensions are required.
This capability is crucial for every large IT security project for achieving a problem-free, economic operation of the IT infrastructure and is consequently invaluable for our customers.

Among our customers we have banks, computer centres, industrial companies, public authorities, universities, university and other hospitals and clinics, rehab centres as well as the aerospace industry.