PKI / trust centre services

Conception and realisation of a public key infrastructure

The basis of every secure and powerful 2-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication with smart card, PIN and/or biometric features is an adequate public key infrastructure (PKI).

We have been active in this field for more than 10 years. We take care of the conception and realisation of suitable public key infrastructures matched to our customer requirements.

These include simple or complex n-layer public key infrastructures – e.g. on the basis of the Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) using Windows server 2012 R2 – but, as required, also the integration and interaction with external CAs of accredited trust centres.

The purpose of the application, e.g. for smart card, PKI logon, electronic signature, secure emails, VPN, WTLS, as well as the security and practicability are factors determining PKI.

The transparent integration of a wide range of public key infrastructures in the SEFIROT smart card life-cycle management system is unmatched regarding practicability and clear representation. Once the PKI has been fed in to the SCLM system it will be used automatically in day-to-day card operations.