Smart card helpdesk

The smart card helpdesk – available at all times – is used for unlocking smart cards and rolling out temporary replacement cards.

What we offer

With the smart card helpdesk we provide our customers with a proven tool, with which all problems concerning locked, forgotten, mislaid, misappropriated or defective cards are solved easily and rapidly.

Parallel service for helpdesk operation

The smart card helpdesk isn’t only available at all times and proof against breakdown but, in addition, several service helpdesks can be distributed and run in parallel, which is useful in large organisations with several locations. The communication paths in these cases are secured pursuant to the security guidelines for the domain concerned.


In highly sensitive areas, where access protection security is of great importance, the safety concept anchored in the smart card helpdesk, “transaction authorisation according to the four-eyes principle”, is important. An authorised person at the customer’s premises together with a helpdesk worker at the service helpdesk initiate the transactions “generating a replacement card” and “unlocking a card” in accordance with the four-eyes principle with their smart cards and PINs.

Practicability, speed

The spatial separation between a user with card problems and the smart card service helpdesk disappears as the result of the intelligent network technology installed. All affected users are helped directly at their workplaces and at the time the problem arises. In this way, users are spared the journey (to the place where the cards are issued) they would otherwise have to make.