Product suite for adequate, secure access protection

This is an incomparable collection of products matched in detailed with each other all concerning the topic “access protection with a smart card”.

Developed over a period of more than 15 years, the SEFIROT product suite combines all requirements on complex access protection projects.

Companies and institutions wishing to implement rapidly and goal-oriented a smart card logon solution which takes account of all boundary conditions without running the danger of overlooking crucial security and practicability aspects or of having to undergo an arduous training in order not to overlook these aspects, will findthe right solution here.

We shall organise your IT security and lead you optimally through all processes, from the initial rollout till the ongoing operation of the chosen solution.

The package of security products around the core components “smart card life-cycle management, smart card logon, single-sign-on, and also flexible helpdesk modules for rolling out replacement cards and enabling smart cards” is designed in such a way that the package is easy to operate – no hassle!

Take a good look at our products. Our product solutions have a number of valuable unique features, which will definitely be interesting for your company too.