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    Your partner for secure authentication solutions

    Wide awake at all times, anticipating all possible security risks

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    IT security technology with smart card support

    For identity verification, crypto chips are the secure basis of our logon products.

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    Smart card PKI logon and Single Sign-on solutions

    Highly secure and efficient solutions, which secure your sensitive data and give you back time for what is important.

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    Advantages and security for you by applying our access protection products! We are the manufacturer and apply our manufacturing expertise for every product and every project.

    In the planning, implementation and operation of every product and project this experience cannot be overrated.

Powerful cross-platform, multi-factor authentication solutions Single Sign-on – SSO Chip card - smart card management for personalising flexibly, optically, contact-based and contactless your staff IDs.


The great number of individual logons for portals and applications with user IDs and passwords are more than ever a significant time, security and cost factor.

But you now have a chance to get rid of this problem in your company by choosing one of the most desirable and professional
Single Sign-on solutions on the market.

The Single Sign-on solution has many conveniences and unique features for the Enterprise area – see for yourself!

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Excellent access protection solutions for healthcare

Healthcare institutions which would like to secure logical and physical access with a multi-functional ID have come to the right place!

Our solution is characterised by a well matched combination of card management and logon and single-sign-on products, which support in an optimal way time-critical workflows in the treatment and nursing areas.

Connected with these are more security for the protection of patients and the data, practicability, efficiency and a noticeable time advantage for all logon and logoff processes and role changes between doctors and nursing staff.

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Access protection solutions for the banking sector in accordance with up-to-date security standards

Suppose you are the managing director of a bank and require an adequate access protection solution in order to secure the workplaces of your staff in accordance with the up-to-date security situation and standards.

At the same time you wish to continue to use the card technology used until now for opening doors and cabinets, as well for cashless payments in the canteen and time recording in the bank but in conjunction with a new, integrated multi-functional card.

We can help you in this with suitable chip cards, card management and smart card logon products as well as a suitable concept for the implementation and operation of the desired solution.

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